Meet Faith

Sometimes I laugh a little too loud. Sometimes I even snort a little when I laugh. I’ve been known to cry a little during Disney movies. I try not to cry during touching wedding ceremonies, but I often laugh while photographing the speeches. I do have a serious side and I try to use it to be organised, but you wouldn’t know it by the look of my desk!

Friends, Clients and Colleagues have described my work as:

Dynamic, Relaxed, Natural, Modern, Contemporary, Fun, Quality, Innovative, Personal, Stylish, Special, Refreshing new look, and the word FUN comes up a lot. They note my attention to details and describe me as friendly, trustworthy, creative and approachable. I’m glad I asked them, because I wasn’t sure how to describe myself! Take a look at the various real-life testimonials through out the site.

I believe…..

Life is a musical & we all have more fun when we explode in to spontaneous song & dance.

Coffee sipped slowly from a mug is like stopping to smell the roses, an intentional pause makes life so much richer.

You are always more beautiful than you think you are.

In being unapologetically romantic & in happily-ever-afters.

Your wedding images should be like Renaissance paintings, meant to portray you at the pinnacle of your style & elegance, your life, your magical day.

Passion is contagious, beauty comes from confidence & faith comes with patience.

Pictures aren’t just for now…. They live much longer than that.

I believe that special memories should be enthusiastically captured, artfully presented & proudly shared for generations….

*Associate of Art, Associate of Applied Science Degree in Photography from the Art Institute of Colorado

*Member of the Master Photographers Association (MPA) and a follower of their Code of Conduct

* Multiple Award Winner

* 2013 Essex Wedding Award Finalist

*Fully Insured

*Album Company Guarantees

*Over 12 years experience helping satisfied couples since 1999

* All professional gear, with back ups

*Professional Photographer substitutes in cases of emergency via MPA and local network of professionals, trusted and reliable

*Exclusively yours on your wedding day- no other bookings taken for that weekend so I’m 100% YOURS!


I’m from beautiful Colorado, the state that gets more sunshine than any other in the USA. Specialising in location photography, I’ve honed my skills for lower light levels. I adore the wedding venue choices and churches in England, and believe it’s a fair trade off! In the UK for over 8 years now, my husband and I love to travel, eat great food and generally hang out with friends. Not to be forgotten are our adorable dogs, Molson and Zuzu, who made the journey here with us. (Although Molson is Canadian, so barks with an accent.)

I’d love to hear more about your wedding plans or your idea for a portrait session. Contact me to book in a free chat and let’s discuss your requirements. But, hey, like I said, if you want a bossy photographer that puts you in cheesy poses, I’M NOT THE ONE!